Bad news first: There is no such thing as life without pain and from time to time, struggle. We do our best to avoid it, control it, numb it or pretend it doesn’t exist…but this never works out well. 

Here’s the good news: Where there is pain, there is opportunity. With the right help and support, pain and struggle can actually lead to incredible growth, healthier relationships, improved self esteem and a more fulfilled version of ourselves.

"Life is tough...but so are you"

My goal is to give you a safe space, to guide you through the pain, to help you navigate through struggles and to make sure that throughout the process, you are learning what you’re made of. I will also work with you on developing the tools and strategies you need so that in the future, you will be able to effectively cope and manage challenging emotional experiences.

If you’re interested in becoming a better, happier, more fulfilled you,
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Meet Amy Kline

I began my career in the early 90’s as a medical social worker in the Baltimore area, after getting my undergraduate degree in Social Work from the University of Maryland. After re-locating to North Carolina  and completing my Masters Degree in Professional Counseling in 2003, I worked as a Director of Clinical Programs for a domestic violence agency in Alamance County. In this role, I developed clinical programs, ran support groups for victims and their children, raised money for programs through grant writing and event planning and also supervised the operation of an emergency shelter.

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